A1   matrime is a modern application which has simplified matchmaking.

A2   After the trial period expires the cost is Rs 350 per month with anytime cancellation.

A3   matrime is a modern cloud based app that harnesses the power of technology such as cloud computing and AI to avoid unnecessary costs. Besides, matrime strongly believes that other matchmaking services available currently are charging an extreme premium.

A4   Just send an email to and we will contact you.

A5   Free accounts leads to non serious, non responsive, spamming fake profiles. matrime does not have this problem because there are no free users.

A6   Anybody who is serious about getting married should use matrime.

A7   We believe phone numbers are personal very personal. Rather than selling phone numbers we want people to communicate and only when they are comfortable they are free to share their information. Basically, you get the phone number when the other person decides to give you the phone number.

A8   This is a surprise. You need to login into the app to find more about this.

A9   Because its old way of doing things. We infer from your information what you must be looking for and give you preset categories. On top of that we give you a search box to search your heart away.

A10   World is a place/community where you want to search your soulmate.

A11   Worlds basically means where you want to marry. If you are looking to marry in hindu religion then select “Indian Hindu and Diaspora”. Here you will find people of hindu religion living in India and abroad(NRI).

A12   We believe when you are absolutely satisfied with the person’s response and develop a sense of trust at that time you can exchange numbers for further communication.

A13   Whatever your passions may be they can be express in a single sentence known as pitch. Adding pitches to your profile helps our AI engine to gauge your personality and match you up with like minded people.

A14   Intro is the first message. When any user likes your profile and message you that message is created as intro. When you reply it becomes a conversation.

A15   No

A16   We have AI based photo verification so if your photo is getting rejected please upload a good resolution copy with visible facial features. Our AI engine automatically rejects celebrity, child and inappropriate images.

A17   Our recommendation is to use the one which is setup for billing with google play. This way it’s easier to be notified of subscriptions and its easier to cancel.

A18   Certainly.

A19   The best way to reach our customer support is open the app > Settings > Contact Us. We appreciate your response and patience and we will contact you on email and get your query resolved in 72 hours.


A20   1. Install the free app from the GooglePlay. 2. Open the app and follow the onscreen instruction to create your account. 3. Once registered you’ll be able to Search, Match and Chat with others.

A21   1. Open the app. 2. Go to the profile who you want to block. 3. Tab About 4. Scroll down and tap block. When you block someone you will not be able to communicate with them.

A22   1. Open the app. 2. Go to the profile who you want to Unblock. 3. Tab About 4. Scroll down and tap Unblock.

A23   1. Open the app. 2. Go to the profile who you want to report. 3. Tab About 4. Scroll down and tap Report. 5. Select the appropriate reason for reporting. 6. Submit

A24   1. Open the app 2. Search for profile 3. Tap the heart on the profile. 4. It’s in your favorites.

A25   1. Open the app 2. Search for profile 3. Tap the message icon. 4. Type your message. 5. Send

A26.1   1. Open Settings on your phone 2. Go to Language and Input 3. Add Input Language 4. Search and Add your language 5. Open matrime app 6. Tap messages 7. Tap the globe icon on keyboard until you get your desired language 8. Type and send the message"

A26   1. Open the app 2. Open messages 3. Tap the pen icon. 4. Select from your favorites 5. Type the message 6. Send

A27   1. Open the app 2. Go to settings 3. Edit profile 4. Tap the pen beside pitches 5. Search for a pitch (“sports”, “books”, “music”) 6. Add the one which suits you. 7. Save.

A28   1. Open the app 2. Got to settings > Accounts 3. Tap Cancel Subscription.

A29   1. Open the app 2. Go to settings > Account 3. tap Delete. You will be asked to sign in again before deletion